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As a child, I was obsessed my anything mechanical; Cars, Motorcycles, Aeroplanes. I was introduced to the awesome power of the American V8 engine by a neighbour at the age of 18. My first small block Chevy littered my father’s garage later that year, 1984.  My racing career started at the age of 22 in 1988 racing BRISCA F1 stock cars powered by 454 cu in Chevrolet engines. I became the ‘engine man’ by 1994, stepping in (more like onto!) the shoes of Brian Powles and Mike Huddart at the time, both, as time has shown, were very good engine men. I set Knight Racing Services up as part time business that year.

By 1996 I was full time, and a Limited Company formed in 1997. By the turn of the century, I was running over 40 Chevrolet powered circle track drivers and was on my way to three Ford powered Historic GTS 12 championships with Bill Shepherd’s Cobra. In 2001 I was fortunate enough to be asked to run the engine project for the RML Saleen S7R (Ford again) and we won that years European Le Mans Series with one engine and a very overworked Peter Knight, beating a little known manufacturer called Audi. I think they’ve done quite well since, though. 

Bringing the clock forward to now, via more FIA GT, more Saleens, plus some Moslers, Aquilas, Rileys, off shore power boats, drag race engines, a lot of AC Cobra and Shelby Mustang restorations, and a spell as a Top Fuel Crew Chief, my Company has now completed nearly 600 new engine builds, countless rebuilds, over 1100 customer dyno days, more thousands of our own (our dyno hour meter now reads in excess of 7.5 years of constant use) and we’re still racking up the wins and increasing both engine performance and the customer base.

We’ve been here for 21 years as I write (2018.) Competitors come, competitors go. I don’t profess to offer F1 technology, and I have learned that an engine is not an inconvenience at the end of a wire that spoils the operation of an otherwise perfectly good computer. We now specialise in the Glorious spectacle that is..... Historic Motorsport ......and you’ve got to be able to operate tools, equipment and understand engines a bit in this genre if you want to survive.  I’m 52 now, and still enjoying seeing my clients win.  Long may it continue. And many thanks to the employees, friends, racers and car preparers that have helped along the way. 
I don’t make any outrageous claims, but we do seem to power an awful lot of winning cars, and dyno tune a lot more of an ever increasing variety.  Please feel free to contact us if you feel we can help. 
Peter Knight
Managing Director 
Knight Racing Services Ltd